My first, real memory of artistic endeavors was way back when I was around five or six. I think. My mom asked if I would like to try to draw something for a contest around Christmas time, put on by the bank she worked at. At the time, they were the Detroit Bank & Trust. I took their Native American logo and incorporated a Santa hat on it’s head. I think I might have won or something. It may be what created an interest in drawing, but I don’t remember enough details to confirm that.

I drew dinosaurs and monsters. I drew pictures from Johnny Socko and his Flying Robot. Then Star Wars. Then, at twelve or thirteen, I discovered horror movies. Late night movies introduced me, in the dark of course, to “Night of the Living Dead”. Hooked! From there began a love of horror movies and an interest in how they did all that stuff. The creatures and especially all the gory effects. That went for quite a while, but eventually, that faded. Then, it was suggested to me (by my future mother-in-law) to paint on saw blades. So began the era of saw blade art. This too began to wane. Soon, I wanted to try to be a “real artist” by upgrading from rusty saw blades to canvases.

Enter Bob Ross. I watched, I learned, I got books, and eventually his oil painting kit. I went through that, which taught me a lot, but also left me wanting more than just creating images that, let’s face it, looked like Bob Ross paintings. A slew of oil paintings, canvases, boards, genres and subjects carried me for years. I started opting for acrylics and graphite pencils, and created many works with those mediums.

At the start of 2014, I concentrated fully on pencil. Graphite and new explorations in color pencil. And that’s where I am now.